The Most Recent Updates From the Department of Defense Accounting Agency

19 August 2017


The most recent change in DPAA’s Statistics, dated July 12, 2017, listed the accounting for Major James B. White, USAF, of FL, listed MIA in Laos on 11/24/69, remains recovered 4/4/14, and ID’d 6/16/17.

On June 28th they announced the ID of Air Force Capt Robert E. Holton, of MT, listed as MIA in Laos on 1/29/69, recovered 2/16/17 and ID’d 6/8/17.

The prior week, DPAA released the name of Col Roosevelt Hestle, USAFR, of FL, listed as MIA in North Vietnam on 7/16/66, remains recovered 12/12/16, and identified 6/8/17.

DPAA announced on June 2nd the ID of Capt Joseph S. Smith, USAFR, of IL, listed as MIA in Cambodia 4/4/71, recovered 1/27/93, and identified 5/4/17, and LT Charles B. Goodwin, USN, of TX, listed as MIA in North Vietnam on 9-8-65, remains recovered 12/12/16 and identified 5/18/17.

The number still missing and otherwise unaccounted-for from the Vietnam War is still 1,606. Hopefully, there will yet be many accounted for during the rest of 2017. Of the 1,606 still missing (POW/MIA) and unaccounted-for (KIA/BNR), 90% were lost in Vietnam or in areas of Cambodia or Laos under Vietnam’s wartime control: Vietnam-1,256 (VN-461, VS-795); Laos-295; Cambodia-48; PRC territorial waters-7. (Country-specific numbers fluctuate when investigations result in changes to loss locations.)

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